For a properly engineered system, we utilize the latest technological advances, including the EASE computer assisted design program. After thorough consultation with you regarding present and future system needs, a vast amount of data is assembled including dimensions of the room, sound absorption coefficients for the various surface areas, reverberation time, etc. This information is fed into the EASE program to accurately predict the performance of a variety of system solutions. This approach ensures you of a properly designed system that will provide clear, uniform sound throughout so that everyone can hear and understand regardless of seating.

Similarly, with video design and installation, we offer thorough consultation to determine the best fit for your unique space. We understand that incorporating video into churches is designed to support and enhance the overall experience, but needs to be installed as invisibly as possible so as not to overtake the worship space. Our design consultants will work with you to find a solution that is aesthetically pleasing, yet meets your audio and video system needs.

Our skilled professionals have both the knowledge and expertise to design new audio and video systems or provide equipment upgrades that can be integrated into current systems.

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